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relocation to costa rica
relocation to costa rica
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Specific Services

Letter of Introduction:

Will you need a letter of introduction to open a local bank account? The answer is, "yes". We will provide it for you.
Which bank should you use?  Are they safe?  
All of these questions will be discussed and 
answered for you in detail.

Costa Rican Corporation:

Will you need a Costa Rican corporation?  Yes, you will.  
Our professional services include nominee service, cedula number, complete corporate books and the 
official registration at the National Registry. 

In Costa Rica, it is customary and prudent to place your 
valuables and assets into a corporation. 
The normal action is to place your  home in a corporation.  
A car, truck or boat needs to go into a separate corporation.  
There are many reasons for this.  

First, it is easier to transfer property to a new buyer by 
transferring ownership of the corporation 
to the individual instead of simply transferring title.  
The second reason is that if in the event an asset is 
involved in a lawsuit. .a car accident for example. .
the liability amount is limited to only the 
assets of the corporation.  

We wll arrange these services for you.

Mail Holding:

Enjoy your travels through Costa Rica (and the world) while knowing that you mail is being held. .safely. .for you upon your return. (Yes, Costa Rica’s postal system has home mail delivery but it is imperative that you have access to a P.O. Box as well)

Mail Forwarding:

Particularly for the world travelers.  
Have your mail collected, held and forwarded 
to your next destination.

Bill Paying:

Ensure that all of your monthly bills are paid on time. .everytime. Your telephone bill, water bill, internet bill, etc., 
which all seem to appear due on different days of the month 
are really a big nuisance. Take the worry away.

Contact us today and let's get started. . .

In Need of a Vehicle. . .or Simply Advice?

The last thing you want to own in Costa Rica is a unique car or truck for which parts and service are impossible to find. 
Parts, service and dealerships are important.
Find out what is available locally or get expert assistance from our team as to what type and brand of car is best to purchase here or to ship.  Our team does it all for you. . .advises on shipping costs, amount of duty to be paid 
and local delivery to your new home in Costa Rica.
Tell us your needs and you'll receive the best advice & 
professional services and all for a fair price.

It is worth it not having to do it yourself! 

Social Security Medical System:

We assist in the application process and enrollment 
for you and your family.

Assistance in Furniture 
& Housewares Selection:

Have you bought a home and now find 
that you need some additional furniture?  
 Maybe a corner in your living room 
which needs a special piece to finish off the room?

We have the contacts to either find the piece or 
have it made custom for you.  

Not pressboard. .not plastic. .not mass-produced.  
Your own custom piece made to your specific requirements 
and made of real wood.

Ask for details!  Send us a picture of what you require.  
You will be amazed at the speed, quality and price of what is available to you here in Costa Rica.
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Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Great Sunrise Enterprises is very pleased to assist in many ways 
to ensure that your transition to Costa Rica and 
your new lifestyle is a total pleasing experience.
Whether it be a case of needing assistance to obtain a suitable cell phone or to be taken to one of our major shopping centers or shopping clubs, we are here to accompany you & assist you in every way we can. Although this extra service is gladly offered, in some cases it entails the use of additional people / man hours.  

Contact us directly and let us know how we can assist you 
and we will quote you a price for these special services.

A seamless transition for you is our goal.  

Our services can be fine-tuned to fulfill your needs.