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One of the greatest attractions of visiting and living in Costa Rica is to experience its diverse climates and geographical areas. 
This is always one of the greatest decisions facing the individual or family when attempting to decide simply
where to make their home. 

Perhaps the beach, with its beautiful sand, wind and sun.  Perhaps the mountains, with the cooling breezes, beautiful views and lush tropical surroundings. Up north, where you can watch the volcanoes light up the skies at night.  Down south, where you will experience a Costa Rica which has been described as,
"California 50 years ago". 

Perhaps right here in the Central Valley,
close to the major shopping centers, the
modern and readily-available hospitals,
schools and fantastic eateries. 
(There is always a heavy emphasis on schools, as this is a major consideration for many families moving here)

The best method to visit and experience many of these opportunities is to participate in our offer of. . .

"The Great Sunrise Enterprises Costa Rica Real Estate Tours"

Let us know the general area(s) in which you have an interest and we will arrange either an individual tour for you and your family or arrange for you to see specific areas on one of our
very popular group tours.  Either way, it is your front-row ticket to see this amazing country, the local market and to check out the
amenities available to you in Costa Rica. 

What a way to get to know Costa Rica!

Contact us today and let's get started. . .
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