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relocation to costa rica
relocation to costa rica
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How to Relocate & Retire in Costa Rica

Having been involved with people moving to Costa Rica and around Central America for the past 20+ years, we have created the following information page in order to assist people with their relocation to Costa Rica.
The decision has been made and your conclusion is that the "grass is greener" in your newly-chosen destination. . .Costa Rica. Let us help  you in gaining residency in Costa Rica and much more.

Now, what is your next step in the process?

It is most important that you obtain the legal right to live (and work if desired) here in Costa Rica. The paperwork required to obtain your legal status is pretty well standard around the world. Once the decision has been made as to the status to which you prefer to apply, whether it be PensionadoRentista or Resident Investor, we have an established procedure to follow.

The alternative to doing it right is to remain a Perpetual Tourist.

Your family pet may be making the move also. Pet relocation is, for most people, as important as moving the family furniture, appliances, cars, boat, etc.

If you have already been to Costa Rica, then you know about the various climates, the various locations which appeal to you, and you know the amenities that specific areas offer, such as proximity to schools, shopping, etc.

For those who have not yet made the trip, want additional information regarding the different areas of the country, or want to know 
how to retire in Costa Rica, we recommend taking a customized 
real estate tour.  If a tour is not a priority right this moment, then establishing contact with a reliable (and honest) real estate company certainly will be in your future. We can assist you when the time is right.

Typically, a great deal of time is spent considering the feasibility of moving one's household goods here as opposed to selling everything and starting fresh. There are a number of aspects to consider. With the assistance of our recommended shipping agents, we provide an individual evaluation/recommendation and individual cost estimates.  

Once here, we assist you on an ongoing basis for those special requirements that always seem to pop up: the lost contact lens, the misplaced passport, or even something as simple as a recommendation of a good restaurant.

We are here to help and we are waiting for your initial inquiry!

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How to Retire in Costa Rica
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