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residency in costa rica
residency in costa rica
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How do I legally work in Costa Rica?

There are a number of residency statuses available 
for which you can apply. 
The three statuses of most interest to most individuals are. . .

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Being Labeled as a "Perpetual Tourist"

The label of "perpetual tourist" is not a status but rather is similar to a condition. Unlike the 4 statuses previously discussed, a perpetual tourist does not have any legal rights here in Costa Rica that are afforded to a "cedula" holder. The perpetual tourist is not guaranteed a automatic 90-day renewal of his tourist status and as a perpetual tourist they can be asked to leave at anytime. They have a great deal of difficulty opening up a bank account, telephone service, cable TV service, etc., and must leave the country every 90 days to keep his home country driver's license valid.
The perpetual tourist can purchase a home, cars, boats, etc. here if they wish.
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*As each of these 3 statuses are considered temporary, the applicant and dependents are required to physically be in Costa Rica for a minimum of 1 day per year.
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