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Resident Investor Status
1. Valid passport for all persons listed on application. Passport must show that it is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the time of application.
2. a. Birth certificate (long form) (click here for sample)
    b. "Certificate of Good Conduct" from applicant’s local police department 
(click here for sample)
    c. Marriage certificate, if married.
    d. Proof that applicant has made an investment(s) for a minimum of US$200,000 in an Government approved investment here in Costa Rica (Currently the purchase of one’s home is considered a suitable investment). This proof must be produced here in Costa Rica by the accountant of the company you have invested in or, in the event of a private purchase of a home, proof provided by a legal professional accountant. GSE can provide you with contact name and costs.  

Items listed under "a" through "c" must be forwarded to the State's Secretary of State of the state that issued these documents for Apostille (French for "Certification"). Upon return to you, bring or send these documents to GSE here in Costa Rica.  Item "d" will be obtained in Costa Rica. No need to Apostillize or translate.

USA Citizen:

In the event that applicant is a USA citizen, the above documents, excluding "d" must also be Apostillized by the State’s Secretary of State. Paperwork must be submitted to your State's Secretary of State for authentication as part of the process.

Here is a handy link:

Next step: Bring/Send these documents to us in Costa Rica.

Canadian Citizen:

In the event that the applicant is a Canadian citizen, the above documents, excluding "d" are to be submitted to:

Foreign Affairs Canada, Authentication Officer, Tel. 613-994-4000 for review. 

Those documents are then to be sent to the closest Costa Rican Embassy or Consul to be consularized.  

Next step: Bring/Send these documents to us in Costa Rica.

Other Nationalities:

Print this Checklist to Assist You
in the Collection of your Paperwork

Complete this Form for Each Individual
and Submit to Us with your Application

Contact GSE for individual instructions/assistance.

Within the application process for any nationality, each individual will be required to provide GSE for furtherance to the Department of Immigration the following information.  Information does not have to be consularized or Apostiled.

1. Full Name, 2. Nationality, 3. Occupation, 4. Name of your Father, 5. Name of your Mother, 6. Name of your Spouse, 7. Race, 8. Color of your eyes, 9. Color of your hair, 10. Your height (in meters), 11. Your weight (in kilos), 12. Marital Status, 13. Place of Birth, 14. Date of Birth, 15. Original Entry Date into Costa Rica, 16. Point of Entry into Costa Rica, 17. Physical Address in Costa Rica, 18. Telephone number in Costa Rica.  

We will be pleased to assist you with your requirement and to provide you with a quote for our services.

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The Documentation/Paperwork that is required for Resident Investor Status 
is as follows:
For those who wish to view "Resident Investor Status" information in a PowerPoint Presentation, click on the boxes below. . .
Resident Investor Status
American Citizens

and Other Signators of
The Hague Convention
Resident Investor Status
Canadian Citizens

and Other Non-signators
of The Hague Convention